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EdY-Mani, the Banker by Psylintz EdY-Mani, the Banker by Psylintz
Name: Mani Orchid Sinklaire

Alias / Nickname: None at the moment

Age: Twenty (20)

Species: Pink Orchid Mantis

Height: 5'3" or 63" or 160.02cm

Seme/Seke/Uke: "I have no interest in sex." (hidden)

Sadism/Masochism: "....if I don't like sex, why would I be either of these?" (hidden) 

Violin: Mani takes special care of his violin that was gifted to him by his guardian of the past several years. He has a natural talent for this instrument. 
Gardening: He has a certain affinity for Ivy and Orchids (mainly pink ones). Given his upbringing, he's more at ease with plants and finds it relaxing. It acts as a sort of therapy for him as well. 

Stats: | S-Rank
Bullet; BlackStamina - 3
Bullet; BlackCharm - 4
Bullet; BlackWit - 5
Bullet; BlackTechnique - 7
Bullet; BlackWillpower - 6

Wealth: $19000

+bitter foods
+sour foods
+halter tops 
-female mantis
-stranger's touches 
-his height
-overly sexual things
-wing nubs
-his effeminate body/looks

Personality: Mani is social awkward. Despite having more interactions with society later on in life, a good bit of his habits from his sheltered youth still remain in tact. He's functional in a crowd but prefers to be off on his own. His curiosity sometimes outweighs his more sensible half. The mantis is sometimes gullible as well if one is cleaver enough to hide their true intentions with smoke and mirrors. This is more likely to occur with those he places high trust in. Not being a social butterfly during his time with his latest guardian, innuendos can fly over his head and he'll need clarification. Also with the trauma from his village, sexual things frighten him and if cornered with it, he slips into the 'Flight-or-Fight' response.

Back in Southeast Asia, Mani was born into a quaint village. His family was well known for its gardening. In his younger years, he was groomed to take over the family business. During that time, his mother made sure to keep him from the rest of the village. Mani never thought much of it in the beginning. The insistent laughter of other children, however, started to take it's toll. Sure he enjoyed gardening and helping out his mother and grandmother, but he often times found himself peeping out a hole he'd made in the wall of their house to watch the kids play. It seemed like so much fun~ When he'd ask his mother to join the others, she adamantly refused. "There's no need for you to socialize with the likes of them," she would tell him. Why? They looked just like him and they played well enough together that no one got hurt most times. As much as Mani disliked it, he obeyed until his curiosity got the better of him and he decided to venture out. 

....he should have listened to his mother. 

One morning a few days after he'd reached his maturity Mani took it upon himself to venture out while his mother and grandmother when to a nearby village to sell their wares. The worst thing he could have possibly done. Sexual hormones were everywhere tempting him like every other mantis that was mating in the town. Some in private and others not minding putting on a show. Naturally he wanted in on it but he quickly found out as to why he wasn't allowed out too often, especially around this time. The carnage was too much for him and to get away from the horrors, Mani attempted to run to the town his mother and grandmother went to. 

....not a wise decision. 

The large mass of vegetation made it difficult to transverse and soon the mantis found himself in the midst of a nearby town. Unaccustomed to technology and the wonders of modern life, Mani was perplexed. What was all this? Not paying attention, due to a combination of shock and curiosity, the mantis found himself in the middle of the street and was nearly run down by a car. Thankfully the driver paid attention in time to avoid hitting the small male. The driver exited the vehicle and inspected him before taking him to the nearest hospital. After an evaluation and weeks of no appearance of parents, the good Samaritan, who'd been dropping by to check on him, took Mani into his care.  Upon taking Mani into his care, he game him his middle and last name. The gent was highly proficient in instrument making, mainly string instruments, and often spent his spare time playing for Mani. It was during his time with this gent that he learned he had a natural talent for playing the violin with minimal instruction. Sure Mani missed his mother and grandmother but the carnage he saw that day didn't press him to try to go back any time soon. He was rather content with this new way of life. was not to last. 

As days went by and the years rolled on, Mani grew up blissfully unaware of the gent's other profession (money laundering) that linked well into the mafia underworld. During his time with this man, he was sent to schools for private lessons involving accounting and business along with personal hands on training. By this point in time, Mani was using his natural talent of violin playing to help bring in some extra money and would assist his guardian with balancing numbers for his 'shipments'. Unbeknown to the mantis, the Instrument maker had run into a bit of 'trouble'. It wasn't entirely unheard of given the nature of his job. However he wasn't very adept at fighting and feared for Mani's well-being. After making a few phone calls, he got in touch with an ol' friend (Tore) who happen to know somewhere Mani could be kept safe until the heat died down. A few days later, Mani found himself on a flight to an island for a bit of a 'vacation'. Having no reason to distrust the man, he complied and now works on the island as the banker (part of the agreement that had been set up) until his 'vacation' is over. 

....if only he knew what was to come. 

-has a very very bad view as to was sex is like and avoids it like a plague
-highly cautious of any interaction that is blatantly sexual
-Mani obtained his middle and last name from the gent he went to live with 
Orchid (cause of Mani's love for the flower) Sinklaire (the gent's last name) 

Partners: "....I'm not even answering this" (none)

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